If you run your own business, or have done so at any point this tax year, then you will be classed as self-employed. Unless however you've done a bit of homework on some IR35 provisions, which if you have fair play to you. Or if your income falls below the then you have nothing to report.
When do your accounts run until
What was your total income for the year
Did you have any business costs
Did you have any accountancy, legal or professional fees
Did you have any rent, rates or insurance costs
Did you have any finace-related costs
Were there any miscellaneous costs which are not included in the above
Did you have any capital expenditure
Did you have any expenses that would not be allowable as a business deduction

Taxable Profits Summary

Total Profits
If your business made a loss at the end of the previous tax years, or earlier years that you have not yet utilised.
Total Taxable Profits